Benefits of Joining a Senior Rep program | Mad Photo Seniors

Graduating high school is a phenomenal achievement. I mean, you just survived some of the most awkward years of your life and managed to kick ass enough for the state to deem you ready for adulthood. Please give yourself a round of applause!! One of the best ways to celebrate is by taking senior portraits. When I took mine (OMG 6 YEARS AGO :/), it was some of the most fun I had all year. A good photo can literally give you all the confidence in the world. My pics were so good that I felt like I could conquer anything. Hell, I used one of the images as my LinkedIn photo all the way up until last year.


I know many photographers across the country have their own senior rep programs. If I had known about such a program in high school, I would have applied in an instant. The opportunity to work with a photographer for free would have been enough for me to apply in an instant. I MEAN FREE PHOTOS?!? Yes, please! #BrokeAF

This led me to develop my own senior program but I wanted to make it unique. Most programs only focus on using reps as sales ambassadors, I want to mine to be more mutually beneficial. It’s no fun just being used. I want my seniors to be an integral part of my business, not just seasonal employees. That’s why I plan on bringing together high school seniors from different backgrounds, interests, and passions together to build a community of strong, creative women.


The benefit of my program is more than just receiving free photo shoots with me, it’s about making friends for a lifetime. There will be plenty of opportunities to be creative, work with local businesses, and hang out with other seniors in the area. There will be a groupme & snap group dedicated to my seniors. This will allow us to schedule meetups & brainstorm cute AF photoshoots. This is a safe space for you to express yourself & have fun doing so!

My goal is to meetup at least once every month for coffee or for a photo shoot. These will be opportunities for you to get to know other women, spill the tea on senior year, and of course talk about the future. This is a very low commitment, if you can’t attend a meetup don’t worry about it! I understand that senior year is crazy. All I ask is that you share what we create together!

As a representative of Mad Photo you will help grow my business. I’ve learned that the best way to engage my community is to join it. This will be a great resume building opportunity as you will gain first-hand experience in running a business and marketing it to potential clients. Plus, with every referral you bring you get a piece of the profits – 20% of the profit of the session will go right back to you.

If you love photography, have creative brains, and a desire to learn, this is the program for you! I’m currently accepting applications from now until August 6th. I hope to get at least 5 senior women to be Mad Seniors. You can access the application here.

I look forward to reading your applications!! 

xoxo, mads